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Unless you are a complete newbie, you must have traded on decentralized exchanges (DEXes). You might also have encountered challenges or limitations when using DEXes, such as high gas fees, slippage, MEV attack, poor user interface, and lack of liquidity.

What if there is a DEX that can overcome these issues and provide a fast, secure, transparent, and user-friendly trading experience? Let’s meet iZiSwap.


iZiSwap is the first on-chain AMM-driven order book DEX on zkSync.

iZiSwap leverages an original Discretized-Liquidity-AMM (DLAMM) model, which combines the advantages of order book and automated market maker (AMM) mechanisms. iZiSwap provides its users with an order book CEX-like user experience while maintaining 100% on-chain composability and self-custody as a DEX.

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iZiSwap has several features that make it stand out from other DEXes:

  • Peer-to-pool and AMM designs: Users trade directly with the liquidity pool instead of individual orders on CEXes, which reduces the transaction cost and gas fee for on-chain order-book DEXes. Market makers can provide liquidity in any price range and place multiple orders in one transaction, saving gas cost and improving capital efficiency.
  • Zero-slippage and protection from MEV attack: Users can trade with limit orders without slippage and enjoy complete protection from miner extractable value (MEV) attacks. Unlike other DEXes with off-chain order matching engines, iZiSwap processes all transactions on-chain, so there are no trust issues with off-chain mechanisms.
  • 100% on-chain safety and composability: Users’ funds are non-custodial and 100% on-chain. There is no risk of losing funds to the bridge or trading platform. Liquidity can be easily integrated into aggregators. Users can also use NFTs as proof-of-liquidity to participate in staking, lending, and other scenarios.
  • User-friendly interface: The front-end UI design of iZiSwap replicates the experience of CEX trading, including watchlists, price charts, order management, etc. Users can easily find desirable prices to trade with and conveniently manage their assets.


iZiSwap launched on zkSync in 2022.

zkSync is a ZK-rollup solution that enables fast, cheap, and secure transactions on Ethereum. Using zkSync, iZiSwap enhances scalability, security, and transparency, supports more assets, and brings accessible and cost-friendly service to more users.


iZiSwap is a groundbreaking DEX that integrates the best of both worlds: the friendly user experience of CEX and the security of DEX. It is a pioneer in the DeFi sector that embraces decentralization and innovation. If you want a DEX that offers a fast, secure, transparent, and user-friendly trading experience, you should check out iZiSwap.



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