What is OKX Wallet


OKX Wallet is a user-friendly and secure wallet created by OKX, one of the world's largest crypto exchange. It addresses several common challenges faced by crypto wallet users today, making it a fantastic choice for both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

Multi-Chain Support

Tired of constantly switching between wallets for different blockchains?

For instance, if you use MetaMask as your main wallet and want to receive Bitcoin or buy an NFT on Solana, you'll need separate wallet applications, because Bitcoin and Solana are not EVM-compatible.

OKX Wallet eliminates this hassle by supporting 58 blockchains, including non-EVM-compatible ones – the most in the industry! This means you can easily manage all your transactions from one convenient interface.

Plus, OKX Wallet is one of the quickest to adopt new blockchains like Aptos, Sui, and zkSync, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve.

Risk Protection

Worried about the smart contract risk of newly released altcoins?

Ordinary wallet users can only rely on themselves or some third-party tools to determine whether a certain token address is risky.

The KYT wallet security system of the OKX wallet marks a large number of risky contracts and wallet addresses by analyzing the massive data on-chain. When users are trying to interact with these risky addresses, they will get risk warnings to ensure the safety of users' funds to a greater extent.


Fed up with manually adding new coins to your wallet?

OKX Wallet's auto-parsing feature makes your life easier. It automatically analyzes your transactions and adds new cryptocurrencies when you acquire a new coin via a Uniswap transaction. No more copying and pasting contract addresses.

Adding new chains has never been easier. Unlike MetaMask, which requires you to manually add new networks, OKX Wallet automates the entire process. Say goodbye to manually inputting RPC parameters. If you're unfamiliar with RPCs, OKX Wallet is perfect for you.

The auto-parsing feature not only supports new coins and chains but also NFTs and DeFi assets, including LP positions in a DEX. Just minted a new NFT from a fresh project? No worries, it will automatically appear in your wallet.

Multi-Account Support

Struggling to manage multiple wallet accounts?

Most wallets, like MetaMask, only allow one seed phrase per account, which can be risky if your seed phrase gets compromised.

OKX Wallet lets you use as many seed phrases as you like, offering maximum security in a world where scams and hacks are all too common. With OKX Wallet, you no longer need different browsers or browser profiles to manage multiple seed phrases.

Free Gas Events

Are you still struggling with no gas fees?

OKX Wallet is now holding a free gas event. During the event, the first transfer of each day is free, where the gas fee is borne by the OKX wallet! 


Although OKX Wallet is a standalone product, it integrates seamlessly with OKX accounts. Transfers between OKX accounts and OKX wallets are smooth and hassle-free, making it a popular choice among the community.


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