What is Shill


Shill or shilling is a crypto slang for promoting an crypto token or coin for your own benefit. A person who does the shilling can be called a shiller. Shillers want to draw attention to a cryptocurrency in hopes of raising demand and ultimately driving up the price of the digital asset.

Note: shillers are only motivated by the fact that they can profit from it. Shillers pump up a project through social media, their bag of the project cryptocurrency increases in value due to the increased interest they helped drum up, and they sell a large part of their holdings for a profit. So before you invest, be careful and DYOR first.

The term "shill" originates from older forms of marketing and entertainment, where a "shill" would be a person who was covertly working for a business, pretending to be a satisfied customer to entice real customers.

Here are a few examples of how "shill" might be used in sentences:

  • That guy is just shilling his altcoins, hoping to pump up the price.
  • The team behind this ICO has been accused of shilling their token on various forums.
  • He's been shilling that crypto for weeks, but I've done my research, and I'm not convinced it's a good investment.
  • You should always be wary of people shilling new coins; they might just be trying to make a quick buck.


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