What is the Difference between SNARK and STARK


zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs are both zero-knowledge proofs, which are cryptographic methods that allow one party to prove something to another without revealing any details.

The main difference is that zk-SNARKs require a trusted setup phase, while zk-STARKs do not. A trusted setup phase is a process where some initial parameters are generated by one or more parties and then destroyed. These parameters are used to create and verify the proofs, but if they are not destroyed, they can be used to create fake proofs.

Another difference between zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs is that zk-SNARKs are more concise and efficient, while zk-STARKs are more transparent and secure. zk-SNARK proofs are very short, so they can be generated with low computational costs and verified quickly. On the contrary, zk-STARK proofs do not rely on hidden assumptions or secrets and are resistant to quantum attacks.

While it may seem like zk-SNARKs are more scalable due to their quick proof verification, zk-STARKs are the more scalable solution because they generate proofs faster, even though they have larger proof sizes. Additionally, zk-STARKs consume less gas when submitted onto the Ethereum mainnet.

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