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Recently, with the explosive popularity of Friend.tech, the attention of the Web3 community has once again turned to the social field. In this context, a project called Tip Coin came into being, madly flooding the screen on X (formerly Twitter). Even as an ordinary X user, it is difficult to overlook its presence, because even on completely unrelated tweet pages, as long as the traffic is large enough, you will inevitably come across replies containing "$tip" and "@tipcoineth," making its presence felt everywhere.

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What Is Tip Coin?

To summarize the gameplay of Tip Coin in one sentence: You only need to mention @tipcoineth and $tip when tweeting, quoting, and replying on tweets, and you can get points based on views, likes, replies, retweets, quotes, etc. The game consists of three epochs, and the points earned in each epoch can be used to exchange for $TIP tokens, which will be sent directly to your wallet.

Now, let's explore how to play Tip Coin in a straightforward manner:

First, you need to go to Tip Coin's official website, click "LOGIN TO CLAIM" in the upper right corner, and then a prompt will pop up asking you to link your Twitter/X account.

Then, under its guidance, you need to post a verification tweet with $tip @tipcoineth, and retweet the official tweets, then your account is successfully verified! Once the verification is successful, you will receive 10,000 points directly.

Then you can embark on your own journey to earn points! Taking Epoch 2 as an example, there are four ways to accumulate points:

  • Original Tweet: Post original tweets with @tipcoineth and $tip. You can get an initial 10,000 points, and then get a 30x point bonus according to views, likes, replies, retweets, and quotes. A single tweet can get up to 18,000,000 points, and each account can post up to five per day.
  • Tipped Quote: Quoting others' tweets and mentioning $tip can also earn points, with a point multiplier of 10x. Each account can score points for 10 pieces of content every day. A single quote can get up to 1,000,000 points.
  • Tipped Reply: Replying to others' tweets and including $tip can also earn points. But the points earned in this way are less, and the multiplier is only 1x. The good news is that you can get 25,000 points immediately as long as you reply to some tweets with high views, and you can repeat it 15 times a day.
  • Replied kickbacks: Receiving replies from others can also earn points, but the multiplier is only 1/10, with no upper limit set every day.

Furthermore, Tip Coin's official website offers a user-friendly point calculator that allows you to determine the exact number of points you can earn by adjusting the parameters.

Once you've completed the initial steps, you simply need to repeat the process daily. Each epoch spans seven days, and at the conclusion of each epoch, a statistical phase begins to calculate the total amount of $TIP tokens you can earn during that epoch.

Can You Make Some Extra Money Through Tip Coin?

Tip Coin was officially launched on September 1st and has garnered significant attention due to its extremely low entry barrier. As of the 18th, it has already attracted over 170,000 followers on its official account, showcasing its evident influence. On September 13th, Tip Coin officially announced the distribution of $TIP tokens. Analyzing the token economy, it becomes clear that Tip Coin dedicates 40% of the $TIP tokens to reward users participating in the activity, indicating a certain level of commitment from the project team.

So let's go back to the initial question: Can you make a profit through Tip Coin? The answer is yes, but form most people, you can only make a small profit!

Based on the rules mentioned above, for an ordinary Twitter user without any retweets or comments, theoretically, the maximum number of points that can be earned per day is:

  • Original Tweet: 10,000 * 5 = 50,000
  • Tipped Reply: 25,000 * 15 = 375,000
  • In total: 425,000

It is worth noting that although each epoch nominally lasts for seven days, only five days are actually available for earning points due to the need for the system to count and deploy the next epoch. With this assumption, the total points theoretically available are 425,000 * 5 = 2,125,000. Now, let's assess the value of these points.

Taking the example of a casual participant (which is me), due to unfamiliarity with the rules, I only accumulated a total of 1,102,893 points in Epoch 1, and finally got 47,412 $TIP. The current price of $TIP is approximately $0.0004. Therefore, in Epoch 1, I earned nearly $20. Using this as a rough estimate, you can gauge how many $TIP tokens your points could be exchanged for.

For Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), it is indeed more likely for them to earn a substantial amount through Tip Coin. With their significant fan base and influence, they can easily accumulate billions or even tens of billions of points. Consequently, the theoretical amount of $TIP they can acquire will be significant as well. For example, in Epoch 1, the player ranked first, @Smartecio, received over 20 million $TIP tokens, equivalent to 5 $ETH in value. While the player ranked tenth, @Supers6061, also received a reward worth 3.17 $ETH. Additionally, many people have earned profits of thousands of dollars by selling $TIP tokens.

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In conclusion, Tip Coin provides a carnival-like opportunity for KOLs, while also allowing the majority of players to enjoy some benefits. It's important to note that Tip Coin's low-entry nature means that relatively substantial returns can be achieved without excessive effort. The ability to generate profits within such a framework is commendable in the industry and demonstrates Tip Coin's commitment to integrity and inclusivity.

What Is the Future of Tip Coin?

It is indeed true that that Tip Coin is a great attempt that briefly brought some excitement to the crypto community, which had been quiet due to the bear market. However, the project itself faces certain challenges.

From a technical perspective, since Tip Coin was launched at the beginning of this month, its technical infrastructure may not be very robust. Users have reported instances where they completed tasks but did not see an increase in their points during the second phase. Some accounts have even been flagged as "Sybil" due to intense point accumulation, leading to a poor user experience. Additionally, the launch of the token contract has been delayed due to technical issues, with the initial date of the 13th being postponed to the 19th. The lack of a disclosed future development roadmap is also worth noting.

In addition, compared to more mature SocialFi projects such as Friend.tech and Friend Room, Tip Coin's gameplay is noticeably monotonous and easily replicable, which limits its long-term appeal to users.

However, considering the opportunity to make money with Tip Coin and the upcoming Epoch 3, it may still be worthwhile to seize the current opportunity. As for the future development of the project and the potential introduction of new gameplay, only time will tell.


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