What is WAGMI


WAGMI is an acronym for "We're All Gonna Make It," which represents the idea that “we will all become successful.”

It is typically used when people anticipate good news after making certain trade or investment decisions. For example, suppose someone has invested in some BTC and believes that BTC will significantly increase in value in the coming years. Then this person can say, "I believe BTC will soar, and both I and other investors will become millionaires, WAGMI!" This expresses their confidence and optimistic attitude towards themselves and the entire crypto market.

The term WAGMI originally originated from a video posted by bodybuilder Zyzz, which was later uploaded to YouTube by Jamie Tree in 2012. In the video, Zyzz encouraged young people to actively participate in sports to improve their physical health. Thanks to Zyzz's wide influence, WAGMI quickly spread at the time.

It was not until around 2020 that the word became popular in the Crypto community through Reddit and eventually became part of Crypto culture.

There is another word in the Crypto community that is very similar to WAGMI: NGMI, but its meaning is exactly the opposite and implies that someone will not succeed.

For more information about NGMI, please refer to "What is NGMI?"

Source: Twitter@Blofin_CEO

In summary, both WAGMI and NGMI are very popular in the Crypto field. In a nutshell, WAGMI implies future success, while NGMI expresses people's disappointment with the Crypto market or a particular token.


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