Master Market Cycles: Decode Top Crypto Indicators
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Course Overview

When conducting investment analysis in the cryptocurrency market, there is no "best" indicator. Investors might focus on different indicators depending on their investment goals and risk tolerances. Therefore, the crypto indicators they adopted also vary. However, it is important to determine the macro market cycle before making particular investment decisions. It is the necessary step before investing in a single asset.

In this course, you will learn multiple crypto indicators that reflect the macro market cycle, such as MVRV, NUPL, SOPR, and more, and how they reflect the market's cyclical changes from different perspectives.

Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understanding what are MVRV, NUPL, SOPR, Puell Multiple, NVT Ratio, CDD, Liveliness, and Pi Cycle Indicator
    • Learn the calculation methods for each indicator
    • Understand the specific analysis purposes of each indicator
    • Choose the appropriate indicators for fundamental analysis based on your trading strategy
    Master Market Cycles
  • What is MVRV & NUPL
  • What is SOPR
  • What is Puell Multiple
  • What is CDD & Liveliness
  • What is NVT Ratio
  • What is Pi Cycle Indicator
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