Mastering DeFi Basics
12 Chapter 23 Articles 55 Minutes
Welcome to "Mastering DeFi Basics" – a one-hour course designed to help you navigate the exciting world of DeFi!
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Course Overview

Welcome to "Mastering DeFi Basics" – a one-hour course designed to help you navigate the exciting world of DeFi! Dive into the most common DeFi applications, learn about their mechanisms and history, and understand how they're revolutionizing the financial industry.

Learning Outcomes
    • Identify the most common DeFi applications and their use cases.
    • Understand the basics of crypto lending and the workings of platforms like Aave and Euler.
    • Grasp the concept of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and explore platforms like Uniswap and Curve.
    • Learn about liquid staking and platforms like LIDO and Rocket Pool.
    • Discover the world of yield farming, staking, and platforms like (YFI).
    • Understand the role of stablecoins, such as Tether (USDT) and Dai (DAI).
    • Delve into crypto derivatives trading and platforms like dYdX and GMX.
    • Explore the concept of synthetic assets and platforms like Synthetix.
    • Learn about the importance of cross-chain bridges and explore Stargate and Wormhole.
    • Recognize the significance of oracles in the DeFi ecosystem and the role of Chainlink.
    • Learn about DeFi launchpad and aggregator.
    Understanding the Basics
  • What is DeFi
  • What is History of DeFi
    Lending & Borrowing
  • What is Decentralized Lending & Borrowing
  • What is Aave
  • What is Euler Finance
  • What is AMM
  • What is Uniswap
  • What is Curve
    Liquid Staking
  • What is Liquid Staking
    Yield Farming
  • What is Yield Farming / Liquidity Mining
  • What is
    Decentralized Stablecoin
  • What is Decentralized Stablecoin
    Perp Trading
  • What is Perp
  • What is dYdX
  • What is GMX
    Synthetic Asset
  • What is Synthetic Asset
  • What is Cross-Chain Bridge
  • What is Wormhole
  • What is Stargate
  • What is Oracle
  • What is Chainlink
  • What is Launchpad
  • What is DeFi Aggregator
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  • 10 Questions
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