What is Bitcoin NFT and BRC-20?
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A course to help you understand what are Bitcoin NFT and BRC-20.
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Course Overview

Since the emergence of the Ordinal protocol, Bitcoin NFTs and BRC-20 tokens have slowly gained popularity. The first BRC-20 token, $ORDI, has multiplied several times in just a few days. What was once an experimental product has now attracted more and more attention. Do you want to know what Bitcoin NFTs are? What is the difference between Bitcoin NFTs and Ethereum NFTs? How to use them?

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Learning Outcomes
    • Learn what Bitcoin is.
    • Learn what NFTs are.
    • Learn what Bitcoin NFTs are.
    • Learn the differences between Bitcoin NFTs and Ethereum NFTs.
    • Learn what the BRC-20 standard is.
    • Learn how to view and use tokens on the BRC-20 standard.
    Bitcoin and NFT Basics
  • What is Bitcoin
  • What is NFT
    Bitcoin NFT & BRC-20
  • What is Bitcoin NFT?
  • What is the difference between Ethereum NFT and Bitcoin NFT?
  • What is BRC-20
    Quiz - Take a quick self-test and get the TI certificate badge
  • 4 Questions
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