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TokenInsight is an independent third-party organization dedicated towards providing accurate data, ratings, and analytics that contribute to more intelligent financial decision making and market transparency.

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Our data, reports and research are delivered to  50+ international news medias and  20+ key exchanges.

Project Reports

TokenInsight reports provide an objective and transparent looking into cryptocurrency projects through our defined methodology system and standard rating system that allows true independence and validation. Our project reports accumulate 350,000 views on average and are delivered directly to our exchange and media partners including Binance Info, Huobi Info, AICoin, 8BTC, etc.

Our project report service includes:

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TokenInsight is a top-tier data and research agency of blockchain industry. TI's research and ranking system covers both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. We complies data from more than 3,000 projects, 300 exchanges, 150 hedge funds, 180 wallets and etc.

You can submit your data to contribute to our research and meanwhile get yourself on the ranking list.

Industry Insight

TokenInsight has currently classified 32 industry verticals with over 64 classification tags. These allow us to analyze industries and the underlying projects independently from each other, and also integrate this analysis within an industry-wide ecosystem.

You can submit your data to contribute to our industry insight.

Customized Consulting

TokenInsight did depth research in more than 8 industries, covering over 300 projects/tokens. Our insights include blockchain technology application, development prospect, difficulties and opportunities. We have offered customized consulting services for over 15 Top 500 enterprises and government agencies.

Data Service

As an industry leader, we provide exchanges, hedge funds, investment institutions, wallets, news sites and more with the data they need. You can implement our data by our RESTful APIs or embedding our widget/landing page. We offer precise token profile, ratings, dynamic scores and trading indicators of more than 500 tokens.

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