LOL 2019-08-14

B Stable
Reason: The project has a certain amount of real users and landing application scenarios, mainly targeting the Latin American market. The two developed apps, Bermi and Berminal, have unique products and geographical advantages, but there is still room for improvement compared with similar centralized products. There are plenty of application scenarios for EMOGI tokens. Users can get token rewards by publishing high-quality content, participating in voting and community building. It can also be utilized for offline payment, online payment and cross-border payment. The team is equipped with good management and technical personnel, with detailed position division and relevant industry experience.

XZC 2019-08-08

B Stable BB Stable
Reason: Rating update reason: Zcoin’s 30-day price volatility reduced; in the secondary market, its ranking and proportion of market capitalization in relevant industry increased slightly; the media popularity improved; the number of total addresses increased; the financial report is promised to be disclosed. In addition, its latest zero-knowledge protocol Sigma has been launched recently. Overall, the project has a good development prospect.

INFT 2019-07-26

BB Stable
Reason: Infinito Wallet was launched in 2017 with the original intention of asset storage scheme featuring multi-currency, multi-chain and multi-wallet, and the Infinito started to build an ecological environment conducive to the development and use of blockchain applications in early 2019.The wallet has become more popular in 2019, and the industry is growing at the same time as it is saturated. Infinito Wallet supports many kinds of tokens and has a large user base, laying the foundation for the follow-up development.The Project focuses on constructing a blockchain ecosystem in hopes to attract more users to the Infinito ecosystem through a more convenient and streamlined user experience. Infinito wants to ensure that the communication between developers and users proceeds smoothly, and to make blockchain space user-friendly, safe and beneficial. Furthermore, Infinito aims to address the problems faced by the users, developers and applications, and thereby creating an ecosystem that breeds a good supply-demand relationship.

AKRO 2019-07-12

B Positive
Reason: Akropolis applies DeFi as a solution to informal economic sectors such as pensions and has put forward a set of complete schemes, providing traditional AFOs with a credible, transparent and equitable platform. Akropolis is now an project on Polkadot ecosystem and has reached an in-depth collaboration with the ChainX team.

TPT 2019-07-03

B Stable
Reason: TokenPocket is a digital wallet supporting multiple tokens, multiple general platforms and inter-blockchain transactions, which aims at reducing operation complexity for ordinary users, and, at the same time, providing services for DApp developers. It tries to solve the problems of wallet establishment, transfer and transaction, resource management, development tools, and others in the aspects of asset management and developer service, which will lower the threshold of applying digital asset and improve the efficiency of developers.
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