COS 2019-06-19

B Stable
Reason: With the arrival of 5G, the content industry is facing huge opportunities and challenges. Whether Contentos can seize the opportunity to find the right business model for content creation, promotion, and distribution, gain a greater impact in the industry and take time to prove.

BTC 2019-06-06

A AA Stable
Reason: In the most recent year, the trend of using Bitcoin as an alternative asset for asset allocation has become clearer, and with the addition of traditional institutions to Bitcoin, Bitcoin has become an indispensable new force in the financial market. TokenInsight decided to update Bitcoin's rating from A to AA, with a stable outlook. For detailed rating adjustment instructions, please refer to the <TI-Bitcoin Rating Update Report> issued by TokenInsight.

COTI 2019-06-03

BB Stable
Reason: COTI is a public blockchain, designed with underlaying Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. Combined with both a Proof of Trust (PoT: with a PoW underlaying) and Trust Score consensus mechanism. COTI seeks to effectively improve network efficiency without sacrificing the safety and security of its overall network. For users and merchants, it provides practical solutions for the use of daily payments and transactions. However, COTI is still in its early stages of development, the practicality and specific expansion of the project remains to be seen. In summary, TokenInsight's rating of Coti is BB, and the outlook is stable.

STORJ 2019-05-31

B Stable BB Stable
Reason: Since the STORJ team released a feedback report from the V3 storage node operator in mid-February. At the same time, the STORJ team has partnered with Confluent, Couchbase, FileZilla, MongoDB in the storage field to create more revenue opportunities for the project. Although STORJ's project size and market is smaller than the project SiaCoin, its fixed-price, pay-as-you-go model has more market potential in the long run. In summary, TokenInsight's rating of STORJ is upgraded from B to BB, and the outlook is stable.

BOS 2019-05-29

BB Stable
Reason: BOSCore (Business Operating System) is a side chain of EOS. The sidechain means that BOSCore reuses the basic code of EOS. The design of block structure, network communication, and a super node is similar to the corresponding design of EOS, but it has been improved in many aspects. BOSCore's goal is to build a free port that can better support more DApps, realize the EOS ecological chain of heterogeneous cross-chain, and be the world of blockchain.
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