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2020 Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry Leader's Opnions
Feb 2.2021TokenInsight Research
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According to 2020 Cryptocurrency Spot/Futures/Options Industry Research Report, the trading volume for cryptocurrency spot, futures, and options tradings reached 21 trillion, 12 trillion and 77.2 billion US dollars respectively. And the quarter-on-quarter growth in the fourth quarter reached 25%, 98%, and 181% respectively. TokenInsight Research conducted interviews and surveys with nearly 15 exchanges in the industry, and collected the opinions and attitudes of each exchange on market hotspots, industry trends, and futures and options products.


1. The industry has reached a consensus on the initiation of the bull market triggered by the entry of institutions. Among the platforms interviewed, all respondents believe that 2021 will continue the bull market momentum;

2. Basically all interviewees believe that this bull market is different from 2017. Due to the support of institutional funds and buying demand, the crash in 2017 or 3.12 is not likely to happen again. However, a small number of platform respondents expressed concerns about the risk of market downturn due to the COVID-19 and the Fed's monetary incentive policy;

3. Regarding the competition between exchanges, some interviewees believe that the competition is becoming more homogeneous, and each platform needs to create differentiated competitive advantages in terms of products, services or market operations, and build barriers to competition;

4. The trend of finer regulation and stricter regulation is basically recognized by all interviewees;

5. All the interviewees expressed positive views on DeFi and believed that it has a prosperous future;

6. Some interviewees believe that the DeFi ecosystem on the exchange public chain will have a lot of room to grow in the future; but at the same time, some interviewees think that the DeFi on the exchange public chain is not a true DeFi;

7. For Polkadot, the industry views are quite different. Some interviewees believe that Polkadot has a solid technical foundation and is now a hot topic in the market. Over time, a more sound ecosystem will be developed. Some interviewees believe that the actual application effects of the projects on Polkadot are not good enough.

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CEXAnnual ReportKOLs
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