2021 Huobi Exchange Token $HT Interim Report
Sep 7.2021TokenInsight Research
Source: https://twitter.com/HuobiGlobal
In this report, we fully measure and evaluate the HT performance of Huobi exchange pass-throughs in terms of price, trading volume, market capitalization, price impact factors, valuation, and investment potential.

As a direct reflection of the value of exchanges and their ecosystem, exchange tokens play an indispensable role in the crypto asset market. On the one hand, as a "broker stock" in the crypto asset market, exchange tokens are relatively more stable compared to the proliferation of project tokens. Exchange tokens of large exchanges  are generally highly creditworthy and less likely to “fall to zero", which makes them high-quality investment targets in addition to mainstream digital assets (BTC, ETH). On the other hand, exchange tokens play an important role in their ecosystem, bringing benefits to holders such as preferential fees, pledge income, and new eligibility. They are also used as the underlying token of the exchange public chain for liquidity mining, revenue farming, and gas fee payment.

The usages above show that the value of exchange tokens is not only determined by financial indicators such as the scale of the platform's operations and revenue. Many factors, including investor expectations, investor activities, development of the exchange ecosystem, and even the macro environment, also have an impact on the value and the return on investment of exchange tokens.

In this Huobi Exchange Token HT Interim Report, TokenInsight has updated its exchange token valuation framework. And we conducted a comprehensive assessment of HT's performance from the beginning of 2021 to the present from four aspects: historical performance of exchange tokens, price influencing factors, exchange token valuation, and exchange token excess returns, in order to determine its true value range and investment appreciation potential.

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