Atlas Protocol (ATP) Live Price and charts Today

1 Atlas Protocol (ATP) Price Today in USD is $0.00005282

Atlas Protocol (ATP) = $0.00005282 USD

Atlas Protocol (ATP) all-time high (ATH) is $0.00017939 USD

The maximum supply of Atlas Protocol (ATP) is Unknown

Atlas Protocol (ATP) 24h volume is $21221.64 USD

Atlas Protocol (ATP) Market Cap is 0 USD

Atlas Protocol
关于 ATP 项目里程碑

Founded in 2018, Atlas Protocol has secured multi-million investment by Baidu Ventures, Fenbushi and DHVC. The founding team of the project includes many early employee and senior engineers in google and has a lot of experiences in both blockchain and internet advertising. Based on technology accumulation and industry experience, Atlas Protocol successfully develops new on-chain ads products including Atlas SmartVoting and Atlas Smartdrop. Atlas Protocol cooperates with many partners to integrate on-chain interactive advertising SDK and promotes the Blockchain Interactive Advertising Traffic Alliance. In the future, more diverse ecological projects will join the alliance to provide more on-chain interactive advertising scenarios and together to builds the Blockchain Interactive Advertising Traffic Alliance.


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