Crust Network (CRU) Live Price and charts Today

1 Crust Network (CRU) Price Today in USD is $1.8666

Crust Network (CRU) = $1.8666 USD

Crust Network (CRU) all-time high (ATH) is $155.00 USD

The maximum supply of Crust Network (CRU) is Unknown

Crust Network (CRU) 24h volume is $586.90 Kilo USD

Crust Network (CRU) Market Cap is $55.37 Million(s) USD

Crust Network
Crust Network (CRU) 价格图
  • 1H +0.03%
  • 24H -0.13%
  • 1Y +25.87%
  • 排名 #531
  • 市值 0.01% $55,374,235
  • 24H现货交易量 -2.84% $586,902.90
  • 换手率 +1.00%
  • 流通量 29,665,627.42
  • 总供应量 29,998,150
  • 最大供应量 -
  • 最大稀释市值 -
  • API ID crust-network copy duigou
  • 项目开始时间 -
  • 合约地址与浏览器 coin-img 0x32a...73c41
    copy duigou
  • 网站链接 官网
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关于 CRU 项目里程碑
Crust Network 为 Web 3.0 和 Web 2.0 生态系统提供去中心化存储网络和云解决方案,建立在 Polkadot 的 Substrate 框架之上。Crust($CRU)是 Crust 生态系统中的实用代币。

Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network and cloud solutions for both, the Web 3.0 as well as Web 2.0 ecosystem and is build on Polkadot’s Substrate framework. CRUST provides a decentralized storage network of Web3 ecosystem. It supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes storage interfaces to application layer. Crust's technical stack is also capable of supporting a decentralized computing layer. It is designed to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership.

  • Providing the technical infrastructure for the Metaverse
  • Mint, Store and exchange NFTs fully decentralized
  • Hosting of Websites, dApps, Video streaming and more
  • Web 3.0 Gaming and decentralized social media
  • Personal Cloud storage to access your data from anywhere
  • File sharing and streaming services

Crust ($CRU) is a utility token within the Crust ecosystem which serves many different utilities. The most important utilities and functionalities of the CRU token are listed below:

  • Staking to maintain GPoS consensus
  • Collateral for storage providers to provide storage services
  • Used to cover transaction fees
  • Purchase storage or other cloud services
  • On-Chain governance mechanism

Compared to traditional and centralized storage providers like AWS, Google, Azure or Alibaba Cloud, Crust Network offers many advantages due to its decentralized infrastructure:

  • Availability: Crust eliminates the “Single-Point-of-Failure” dilemma and the risk of downtime by on average creating 80 replicas distributed over individual nodes in the network. This maintains a high level of redundancy to keep your data always available and accessible.
  • Security: High resistance against DNS hijack attempts or DDOS attacks. Additionally all data is encrypted by the IPFS protocol as well as Crust’s TEE mechanism. Not even node operators or any other centralized organisation can access or tamper user data.
  • Performance: Due to many replicas on many nodes all over the world you can retrieve your files without any server-side bottlenecks. Data can be sourced and processed from many nodes at the same time to realize many benefits in regards of performance.
  • Costs: Cloud storage costs on Crust Network are only 25-50 % of the costs compared to traditional Web 2.0 products on a centralized infrastructure. (Compared to AWS S3 Cloud Server)
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