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  • 24H现货交易量 -6.02% $57,465.03
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  • 流通量 618,753,636.26
  • 总供应量 1,000,000,000
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  • API ID mithril copy duigou
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    copy duigou
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关于 MITH 项目里程碑
Mithril 是以太坊上的一个去中心化的社交媒体平台,它奖励所有发布照片/视频故事的内容创作者。

Mithril is a decentralized social media platform on Ethereum, which rewards all content creators who post their photo/video stories- this is what we call Social Mining. 

When users post content on Lit, the Mithril algorithm calculates the amount of Mithril tokens that users mine, and updates their balance on the iOS/Android apps. Product/application is already available on iOS and Android stores. Another product is Vault. The functions includes "Staking", "withdraw", and "shift". This will be a useful tool for us to complete Mithril Ecosystem platforms, where users can use MITH token to pay for for dating apps, premium content, and live-streaming, or across Mithril Merchant Network to purchase retail, physical products in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In order to disintermediate Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, etc., decentralization is the most viable path, as combating these existing platforms on revenue share is impossible. By applying blockchain technology and launching Mithril, social media applications and others that host content creators can all leverage Mithril to compete against these existing players, together.

赵长鹏:下架 $MITH 完全符合 Binance 条款规则 赵长鹏:下架 $MITH 完全符合 Binance 条款规则
Binance 将下架 $MITH、$TRIBE、$REP、$BTCST Binance 将下架 $MITH、$TRIBE、$REP、$BTCST
去中心化身份项目 Humanity 融资 3000 万美元,由 Kingsway Capital 领投 去中心化身份项目 Humanity 融资 3000 万美元,由 Kingsway Capital 领投
Vitalik Buterin 提出新的以太坊 gas 模型用于交易调用数据 Vitalik Buterin 提出新的以太坊 gas 模型用于交易调用数据
EigenLayer 启动了代币空投申领,但不可转让 EigenLayer 启动了代币空投申领,但不可转让
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