NFT Worlds (WRLD) Live Price and charts Today

1 NFT Worlds (WRLD) Price Today in USD is $0.035673

NFT Worlds (WRLD) = $0.035673 USD

NFT Worlds (WRLD) all-time high (ATH) is $0.593152 USD

The maximum supply of NFT Worlds (WRLD) is 5,000,000,000.00

NFT Worlds (WRLD) 24h volume is $28958.50 USD

NFT Worlds (WRLD) Market Cap is $19.58 Million(s) USD

NFT Worlds
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  • 排名 #742
  • 市值 -3.68% $19,582,368
  • 24H现货交易量 -3.94% $28,958.50
  • 换手率 -
  • 流通量 548,933,562.00
  • 总供应量 5,000,000,000
  • 最大供应量 5,000,000,000.00
  • 最大稀释市值 $178,367,375
  • API ID nft-worlds copy duigou
  • 项目开始时间 Oct, 2021
  • 合约地址与浏览器 coin-img 0xd5d...a45e9
    copy duigou
  • 网站链接 官网
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关于 WRLD 项目里程碑
NFT Worlds 于 2021 年 10 月作为一个免费和公平的铸造推出。NFT Worlds 是由社区驱动的,并致力于创建一个游戏和收入的生态系统,所有参与者都从他们的贡献中受益。

We started NFT Worlds to create the first truly decentralized, cross-platform (computers/consoles), community driven & developed play-to-earn gaming metaverse platform of its kind.

Each of the 10,000 unique NFT Worlds are constantly evolving and developed by world owners or individual communities.

These 3D voxel-based worlds open up a limitless amount of creative possibilities to make unique gaming experience, exclusive hangout spots, play-to-earn competitions and more.

We believe NFT Worlds will become a sprawling, decentralized, massively multiplayer ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. With each world having in-game portals to many other worlds, as well as the ability for players to easily warp between their favorite worlds at any time.

We see a future where each world offers unique gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn competitions, community hangouts, and so much more.

Started from July 20th, 2022, NFT Worlds is no longer building on top of Minecraft. Instead, we're developing our own game & metaverse platform.

NFT Worlds vs Others

What is $WRLD?

$WRLD is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary utility token and the token used when playing in an NFT World. It is scheduled to launch in December of 2021.

Players will be able to use $WRLD tokens to access exclusive experiences, items, perks, content and more within NFT Worlds. These tokens will be given to the owner of a world a player is playing in, in exchange for the specific experience, items, perks, content, etc as promised by the world owner for a token transaction. These transactions will happen through an in-game UI connected to the blockchain.

We’ve created the integration of the $WRLD token with NFT Worlds in such a way that nearly any in-game experience, perk, item or access to content can be created by world owners and require $WRLD tokens from players in their worlds in order to access or participate in such content.

Additionally, $WRLD will be required for purchasing optional, custom NFT World character NFTs, and may sometimes be required for unannounced global NFT Worlds perks and content in the future.

What is $WRLD used for?

Primary Medium Of Exchange

$WRLD is the main medium of exchange within the NFT World's ecosystem. In many NFT Worlds, it will be necessary for players to give world owners $WRLD tokens in order to access the content, perks, competitions and more that world owners have created in their worlds.

Play To Earn

NFT Worlds will implement mechanisms for players to earn $WRLD tokens by playing games in worlds. Additionally, world owners may incentivize players to visit their worlds through competitions, free to play games and more that reward players with $WRLD tokens.

Future Uses

The $WRLD token will always be the primary token within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. It will be integrated into any future use cases for our platform where it makes sense for the community and ecosystem.

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