Optimus AI (OPTI) Live Price and charts Today

1 Optimus AI (OPTI) Price Today in USD is $0.252063

Optimus AI (OPTI) = $0.252063 USD

Optimus AI (OPTI) all-time high (ATH) is $0.617191 USD

The maximum supply of Optimus AI (OPTI) is 100,000,000.00

Optimus AI (OPTI) 24h volume is $842.31 Kilo USD

Optimus AI (OPTI) Market Cap is $25.21 Million(s) USD


Optimus AI
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  • 排名 #717
  • 市值 -12.87% $25,206,276
  • 24H现货交易量 105.08% $842,312.53
  • 换手率 +200.00%+3.00%
  • 流通量 100,000,000.00
  • 总供应量 100,000,000
  • 最大供应量 100,000,000.00
  • 最大稀释市值 $25,206,276
  • API ID optimus-ai copy duigou
  • 项目开始时间 -
  • 合约地址与浏览器 coin-img 0x562...d215d
    copy duigou
  • 网站链接 官网
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关于 OPTI 项目里程碑
Optimus AI($OPTI)是在官方 Optimus 推特诞生之日制作的以太坊上的去中心化货币。

Optimus AI ($OPTI) is a decentralized currency on Ethereum made on the day of birth of the official Optimus Twitter. Optimus AI has the goal of building and fostering the largest Al community while helping to provide exposure and resources to some of these innovations. Developers will have the ability to apply for grants through the Optimus Venture Fund, and the community will be a primary decision maker in determining which projects to fund and get involved with-whether they're Al-crypto related or a crypto startup.

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