Passage (PASG) Live Price and charts Today

1 Passage (PASG) Price Today in USD is $0.042517

Passage (PASG) = $0.042517 USD

Passage (PASG) all-time high (ATH) is $0.125390 USD

The maximum supply of Passage (PASG) is 1,500,000,000.00

Passage (PASG) 24h volume is $3679.63 USD

Passage (PASG) Market Cap is $18.43 Million(s) USD

Passage (PASG) 价格图
  • 1H -
  • 24H -2.19%
  • 1Y -
  • 排名 #784
  • 市值 -2.19% $18,433,256
  • 24H现货交易量 -63.61% $3,679.63
  • 换手率 -
  • 流通量 433,546,594.94
  • 总供应量 -
  • 最大供应量 1,500,000,000.00
  • 最大稀释市值 $63,776,036
  • API ID passage copy duigou
  • 项目开始时间 -
  • 合约地址与浏览器
  • 网站链接 官网
  • 相关链接
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关于 PASG 项目里程碑
Passage 是一个用于制作沉浸式 3D 世界和体验的平台。

Passage is a platform for producing immersive 3D worlds and experiences. Built with Cosmos and leveraging cutting-edge technology like Unreal Engine 5, Passage is blockchain-agnostic and supports in-browser streaming, cross-world commerce for fungible tokens and NFTs, decentralized social functionality, and 3D communication infrastructure. With drag-and-drop world building tools and AI, Passage empowers brands and creators to produce and optimize high-quality experiences for their communities, from livestreams and webinars to product launches, meetings, fundraisers, and community-focused gaming. PASG is the native token of the Passage ecosystem, designed to facilitate governance and decentralized 3D assets in Passage worlds. It also incentivizes open-source development and creator contributions on the platform. The PASG token is backed by a SaaS-style revenue model, with up to 50% of profits going directly to supporting network security through incentivizing staking.

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