SnailBrook (SNAIL) Live Price and charts Today

1 SnailBrook (SNAIL) Price Today in USD is $0.00015031

SnailBrook (SNAIL) = $0.00015031 USD

SnailBrook (SNAIL) all-time high (ATH) is $0.00044097 USD

The maximum supply of SnailBrook (SNAIL) is 100,000,000,000.00

SnailBrook (SNAIL) 24h volume is $3892.34 USD

SnailBrook (SNAIL) Market Cap is $12.08 Million(s) USD

SnailBrook (SNAIL) 价格图
  • 1H -0.06%
  • 24H +4.31%
  • 1Y -
  • 排名 #912
  • 市值 4.31% $12,080,549
  • 24H现货交易量 -68.99% $3,892.34
  • 换手率 -
  • 流通量 80,373,015,782.00
  • 总供应量 100,000,000,000
  • 最大供应量 100,000,000,000.00
  • 最大稀释市值 $15,030,603
  • API ID snailbrook copy duigou
  • 项目开始时间 -
  • 合约地址与浏览器 coin-img 0x6bc...7adc0
    copy duigou
  • 网站链接 官网
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关于 SNAIL 项目里程碑
SnailBrook($SNAIL)是以太坊上的一个去中心化的 Meme 币项目,旨在通过将所有 Meme 币联合起来从而创建一个共同的社区。

SnailBrook ($SNAIL) is a decentralized meme coin project on Ethereum that aims to create the ultimate cult community by uniting all meme coins for a common cause. SnailBrook has been launched onto the cryptocurrency scene with a heart, and prepares to unveil its ambitious plans for the future. The memecoin, founded by visionary entrepreneur Finn, is set to unify the realm of cryptocurrencies and emerge as a symbol of hope, egalitarianism, and boundless potential.

The total supply is 100,000,000,000 $SNAIL, and the distribution model consists of two Meme Coin Airdrops. The first Airdrop initiates a claimable airdrop for the top 420 wallets in SHIB, BabyDOGE, FLOKI, DOGECHAIN, QOM, CAW, TSUKA, wDoge, and SOV, giving 3780 wallets access to over 10,000,000,000 free $SNAIL. The second Airdrop encourages competition between all meme coins, as the highest holder growth will receive another 10 billion $SNAIL.

标准普尔全球预测 5 月份批准 $ETH ETF,对质押集中风险表示担忧 标准普尔全球预测 5 月份批准 $ETH ETF,对质押集中风险表示担忧
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ENS 与 GoDaddy 合作,将域名与以太坊地址关联 ENS 与 GoDaddy 合作,将域名与以太坊地址关联
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