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      TokenInsight monitors data from over 300 exchanges around the world and works directly with more than 100 exchanges and counting. Contact us for futher cooperation.
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      TokenInsight's Dynamic Performance Score has a complete system of variables and records real-time data, providing excellent ability to illustrate the projects' historic. Contact us for futher cooperation.

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      TokenInsight has conducted extensive due diligence on over 150 Hedge Funds firms across the globe; including but not limited to China, the United States, South Korea and Europe. Contact us for further coorperation.
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      Significant Head Effect of Decentralized Exchanges, Newdex Accounts for 70% of Trades in EOS Ecosystem

      TokenInsight published a 2018 Cryptocurrency Exchange Annual Report, pointing out the present situation of decentralized exchanges: the trading volume of decentralized exchanges hi…

      Major crypto exchanges see 30% leap in trading volume in Q1, 2019

      The crypto market has bounced back. Prices have been building up steadily this month with Bitcoin leading the way—on its journey back to having a $100 billion market cap. And in turn, trading volumes have returned as traders look to make a quick buck on the rising fortunes.

      Centralized Exchanges Still Overwhelmingly Dominate Market, New Report Shows

      Despite a significant uptick in the creation of decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX) in 2018, their centralized counterparts continue to control the lion’s share of global industry trade volumes. The finding was reported in the 2018 Cryptocurrency Exchange Annual Report from crypto and blockchain research organization TokenInsight, shared with Cointelegraph Jan. 21.
      “TokenInsight is not only a rating institute - They take every detail insightfully, which makes it a practical and reliable analysis tool.”



      CEO of KuCoin

      “By combining price and market data with the well-established scoring system and sentimengt analysis of TokenInsight. We're happy to combine our data with TokenInsight's to empower our users on their next investment decisions.”


      Yan Ketelers

      CMO of Delta

      “It is our hope to expand BitMart's influence and research throughout the blockchain industry and to creat a safer trading environment by introducing a third-party rating channel”


      Sheldon Xia

      Founder and CEO of BitMart

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