Harmony to Provide $300 Million in Treasury Funds to Support Co-Building

TokenInsight news, according to the official announcement, Harmony, a public chain project, officially announced its treasury fund support plan for the next four years, which is worth a total of $300 million. The funds will be used to build the DAO, provide bounties, fund new projects, sponsor Hackathon, make investments, and more. Harmony said it will provide $180 million worth of financial support between the fourth quarter of this year and the third quarter of 2022, including $50 million in salaries and bonuses for 100 DAOs; $30 million in sponsorship for 1,000 bounty programs, specifically for the development of protocol-specific systems, tools, etc., as well as non-technical tasks; $10 partners with 30 million in funding support; $20 million in funding for 500 new project launches; 50 investments with a $20 million budget and sponsorship of 10 Hackathons.


Public Chain

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