Thales will be Available for Public Offering at DODO on September 13 at 14:00(UTC)

TokenInsight news, Synthetix eco-options protocol Thales will be available for public sale on DODO's Crowdpooling platform on September 13 at 22:00 pm GMT, and the public sale will run for 48 hours. The total amount of Thales to be sold in the public offering is 2 million, and based on the parameters set for the $THALES crowdfunding campaign, the token price will start at $0.50 and increase until the total amount deposited reaches $5 million USDC. At that point, the $THALES price will be capped at $2.5 USDC and additional $USDC deposits will be returned to all participants on a pro-rata basis. Participants can start receiving their $THALES tokens 12 hours after the end of the public offering.


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