Crypto Daily Digest - July 26th

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On July 26th, Lido DAO voted aopgainst selling Dragonfly Capital 10M $LDO in exchange for $DAI. Optimism launches Ethereum-native conditional transaction system Drippie. Opensea deprecated the ability to post Wyvern orders to its API.


  • Lido DAO voted against selling Dragonfly Capital 10M $LDO in exchange for $DAI. Source
  • Optimism launches Ethereum-native conditional transaction system Drippie. Source
  • Coinloan bolsters cybersecurity by partnering with Blaze Information Security. Source
  • JPMorgan: Coinbase and Robinhood shareholders face significant stock dilution. Source
  • Coinbase adds $CELR and $STG to listing roadmap. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert tweeted that TetherClaims[.]com and TetherLP[.]com are phishing sites. Source
  • Coinbase will list Nest Protocol ($NEST) with the Experimental label. Source
  • Binance added $APE as a borrowable asset on the Binance Loans platform. Source
  • Zipmex is seeking to raise at least $50 million to repair its balance sheet. Source
  • Moonbeam integrated with Osmosis via Axelar Network. Source
  • Data-as-a-service provider SubQuery announces support for the NFT application chain Stargaze. Source
  • Cross-chain DEX Zenlink partners with over-collateralized stablecoin protocol AstridDAO. Source
  • Web3 trading platform Slingshot integrated with Velodrome. Source
  • Ripple partners with Singapore-based payment institution FOMO Pay. Source
  • Cross-rollup bridge Orbiter Finance launched new version with Coinbase Wallet integration. Source
  • $SGMT on PancakeSwap appeared rug pull. Source
  • Decentralized oracle platform Band Protocol integrates with OKC. Source
  • PeckShieldAlert: ens[.]limited is a phishing site. Source
  • Data: Number of addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin reaches 889,597. Source

Policy & Regulation

  • US Senators push bill to make small crypto transactions tax-free. Source
  • The U.S. Department of Justice announced the CEO of TBIS has pleaded guilty. Source
  • CZ files a defamation lawsuit against Bloomberg. Source
  • US House of Representatives lawmakers plan to release draft text of a stablecoin regulation bill before the August recess. Source


  • Data: Bored Ape Yacht Club 24 hours trading volume up 255.93%. Source
  • Opensea deprecated the ability to post Wyvern orders to its API. Source
  • League of Kingdoms announced a partnership with BreederDAO. Source
  • Axie Infinity chosen GeeTest CAPTCHA solution to preserve crypto assets security. Source
  • NFT management platform Solv Protocol is now live on Fantom. Source


  • Web3 social network DSCVR raised $9M in seed round led by Polychain Capital. Source
  • Game studio Mighty Bear Games closed a $10 million funding round led by Framework Ventures. Source
  • NFT rental protocol reNFT closed a $5 million round of funding with OpenSea involved and others. Source








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