What Happened on Feb. 14th | Renewed Interest in Decentralized Stablecoins

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The collapse of Terra's $UST last year has impacted the decentralized stablecoin ecosystem, but in recent days regulatory attacks on centralized stablecoin have reminded the crypto community we still need decentralized stablecoin. Some decentralized stablecoin related projects saw their token rise.

The collapse of Terra's UST has impacted the decentralized stablecoin ecosystem, but $DAI, $FRAX, $LUSD, and sUSD have survived the volatile period. Newer upcoming Aave's $GHO and Curve's crvUSD have introduced innovation in the space.

With regulators cracking down on $BUSD and crypto overall, DeFi stablecoins have a bullish case.

$DAI is the most established and widely used decentralized stablecoin. $DAI has shifted its focus to generating revenue from RWAs (real-world assets). RWA is connected to the real world legal system, thus requires a regulatory environment to be friendly.

Liquity's aim is to be a decentralized stablecoin that resists all forms of censorship. $LUSD achieves this with minimal governance, only using $ETH as collateral, and incentivizing decentralization of frontends, all while maintaining the USD peg. It's a distinctive stablecoin for those concerned about centralization and censorship risks.

$FRAX is partially backed by $USDC and partially backed by crypto assets. Its biggest innovation lies in its Automated Market Operations (AMOs), which are automated versions of the Fed’s "Open Market Operations".

Biggest Gainers & Losers

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Circle Issued Complaint Against Binance Over Mismanagement of Reserves: Seems NYDFS real motivation is actually Binance Pegged BUSD and alleged instances of it falling short of full backing. SEC may be approaching this from the same angle. It would limit the potential scope of the action and reduce likelihood that it impacts other stables.

Massive Trading Volume on Curve Finance and Expectation on crvUSD Lifted $CRV Price and Decentralzied stablecoin $LUSD's governance token $LQTY surged: while $LQTY has given back much of its yesterday gain, $CRV performance is still strong.

Hot projects on the market

Stride Expands Cosmos-based LSD Offerings with $stEVMOS: Users are now able to stake $EVMOS on Stride to mint $stEVMOS, then use it to earn DeFi yields as well as staking reward

Nitro Cartel's $TROVE Token Public Sale on Feb. 17th Hosted on Camelot: The public sale will include 20% of the total $TROVE supply, with the starting price at $0.0025 per $TROVE and a fully diluted valuation of $12.5 million.

Gains Network Ranks Third on Earnings Leaderboard just behind Ethereum and Opensea.

zkSync 2.0 Mainnet to Regenesis Before Fair Onboarding Alpha

Other news in case you missed it:

Digital Asset Infrastructure Company Taurus Raises $65M in Series B Led by Credit Suisse

Web3 Infrastructure Provider Caldera Closes $9 Million in Funding Led by Sequoia Capital and Dragonfly

Ethereum Blocks Resistant to US Sanctions Compliance Continue to Rise

Siemens Issues Its First Digital Bond on Blockchain



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