What Happened on May. 25th | Multichain's 'Force Majure'

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Multichain cites 'Force Majure' as the reason why some cross-chain routes are unavailable and rumors about one of the founders lost contact

Cross-chain protocol Multichain, formerly known as Anyswap, reported that some of its cross-chain routes were unavailable due to 'Force Majeure' and the time for service to resume was unknown. Users reported Multichain's zkSync, Kava, and Polygon zkEVM bridge routes have been stuck since May 21.

Force majeure is a legal term that refers to circumstances beyond human control that prevent a party from fulfilling their contractual obligations. It is often invoked in contracts to exempt parties from liability or obligations in situations such as natural disasters, wars, pandemics, or other "acts of God" that make it impossible to perform the agreed-upon tasks or services.

The term is widely used in commercial contracts, but rarely appears in the crypto world. Crypto community questioned how the term applied to decentralized blockchain bridges, which are supposed to be immune from external events.

There are also rumors that the core leaders of the project have been arrested. The Multichain team has not yet responded to the rumors. The platform users are now left grappling with uncertainty about what is really going on behind the scene.

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