What is Cosmos SDK


The Cosmos SDK is an open-source, modular development framework used to build customized PoS or PoA blockchains.

The Cosmos SDK allows developers to create blockchains that meet their specific requirements (enabling the creation of customized blockchains). It consists of many freely combinable modules, most of which are open-source and accessible to all developers. Developers can choose to use only the parts of modules provided by the Cosmos SDK. Being modular, developers have the flexibility to create different combinations to fulfill various needs. Similar to building with LEGO blocks, developers can choose any modules to construct their own unique blockchain.

Within the Cosmos SDK's toolkit, developers can find the Tendermint, the native integrational Cosmos ecosystem, the IBC protocol, etc. Developers can integrate these existing modules into their custom blockchains and modify them according to their specific needs. This makes it easier for developers to create new blockchains without having to write each functionality from scratch.

Additionally, the Cosmos SDK is a powerful framework built by a community of developers who actively contribute to its development. Anyone can create new modules for the Cosmos SDK, making them both participants and contributors to the Cosmos ecosystem. As the Cosmos network evolves, the ecosystem of SDK modules will continue to expand, making the development of complex blockchain applications increasingly accessible.

Since the launch of Cosmos, many notable projects have used the Cosmos SDK to create their own dedicated blockchains, including BNB Chain, Terra before the collapse, Cronos Chain, and more.


More Consensus Mechanisms

Initially, the Cosmos SDK only allowed developers to build applications on top of the Tendermint BFT consensus engine. However, over time, the SDK can be extended to be compatible with other consensus engines that implement the ABCI protocol. For example, Paradigm has demonstrated that it is possible to combine the Cosmos SDK with consensus mechanisms other than Tendermint. They created a Cosmos/ABCI experimental application using the Narwhal/Bullshark consensus algorithm employed by Sui, instead of Tendermint. As a result, we may see future Cosmos SDK architectures compatible with many different consensus engines. We might also witness more blockchains built on the Cosmos SDK utilizing more advanced consensus mechanisms other than Tendermint.


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