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TokenInsight Open API 는 세계적인 암호화폐 기업에 훌륭한 제품 구축에 도움이 되는 다양한 암호화폐 자산 데이터 제품 입니다
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  • 400K+ 일일 요청 수
  • 13,000+ 개 이상의 암호화폐 자산 정보
  • 200+ 거래소 시세
  • 500K+ 실시간 거래 데이터
  • 100% 무료 사용
  • 247+ 프로젝트 평가등급
  • 10+ 데이터 포트
  • 8+ 년 데이터 히스토리 * 출시 될 예정입니다
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Johnny Lyu - KuCoin CEO
TokenInsight's capabilities. It is one of the few most authoritative data-driven blockchain frms in the crypto world, with expertise in data and ratings, providing timely, accurate, and unbiased information to assist users in making the best investment choices"
Jay Hao - OKX CEO
With the ever-growing complexity of the digital assets market, there’s a need for Tokeninsight’s data-driven and objective research framework which serves as a beacon in the space to help navigate these uncertainties. We’re proud to call them our partners and guide us to deliver value to our users and the industry.
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