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Into March, while the $BTC and $ETH prices don't move much, there have been a series of advancements in crypto infrastructure projects. Though they may not push up prices immediately, the implication they will bring should not be underestimated.

Today, we want to recap some significant infrastructure-related news from March:

Ethereum Launches Account Abstraction, Enables No Seed Phrases Wallets: Account Abstraction improves the UI, UX, functionality and security of interacting with crypto by orders of magnitude.

Chainlink Launches New Platform to Connect Web2 APIs to Web3: a serverless developer platform that makes it easy for anyone to connect a smart contract to any Web2 API and run custom computations using Chainlink’s highly secure and reliable network. This can massively increase the design space of on-chain data by tapping into the limitless data Web2 provides.

Polygon Launches New Zero-Knowledge Identity Verification Product: This new tool will enable users to verify their identities or credentials without revealing sensitive information. The new Polygon ID product can be used to unlock features such as enhanced sign-up user interface, regulatory compliance, identity verification, and restricted access control.

Rollkit’s Rollup Module Make Possible to Run the EVM on Bitcoin: this allows a Rollkit rollup to use Bitcoin for data availability and run EVM on it.

Biggest Gainers & Losers

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Binance Upgrades Proof-of-Reserves System to Include 24 Tokens: Binance announced that its Proof-of-Reserves (PoR) system has been upgraded to allow verification of user assets for 11 new tokens, including $CRV, $DOGE, $MASK and others. Now, the Binance PoR system includes a total of 24 tokens.

Yuga Labs TwelveFold NFT Concluded Sells with Top Bid of 7.1159 BTC: The auction generated 735.7 BTC, or approximately $16.5 million, from 3,246 total bidders. The 288 NFTs will be inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. The highest selling token went for 7.1159 BTC or about $159,600

Hot projects on the market

Berachain Launches Polaris: a Blockchain Framework for EVM integration

Maverick Protocol, a Dynamic Distribution AMM, Will Launch on Ethereum on March 8

Rollkit’s Rollup Module Make Possible to Run the EVM on Bitcoin

Avalanche-based DEX Trader Joe Live on BNB Chain

Sui Developer Mysten Labs Announces Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

Other news in case you missed it:

Alameda Research Sues Grayscale and DCG for Suppressed Asset Value

Coinbase's Base Likely to Include Anti-Money Laundering Measures and Transaction Monitoring

Animoca backed Forkast Labs Introduces Crypto Equivalent of S&P 500 NFT Index

CoinFLEX Restructuring Approved by Seychelles Courts


Ethereum Layer 2 Network Scroll Closes $50M Funding Round with Polychain Capital Involved






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